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Our work and research to create Safe and Technical AI requires a deep understanding of the potential risks and benefits, as well as careful evaluation of its impact, research and obtaining information about the risks.

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SpayAI is a company that focuses on developing artificial intelligence-based algorithms and products in various fields, primarily in ecology and medicine, alongside other sectors, with a focus on medical and humanitarian benefits as well as industry advantages, amid the rising technology industry of the world.

SpayAI is an American and Turkish-based industrial technology, software development, digital technology, and artificial intelligence company. With the centers to be established in the United States and Turkey soon, it aims to develop medical and healthcare products.

SpayAI hosts medical and healthcare artificial intelligence technologies in the rising artificial intelligence technologies worldwide. You can choose various artificial intelligences such as Nuru and Nora, which are still in the demo stage, according to your advantages and industries.

SpayAI is a company that develops digital technology and artificial intelligence technology. It creates AGI and many different types of technologies. Our products are generally based on medicine, including Pharmacology, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology, Surgical Planning, Anatomy, Drug Development, and other medical disciplines.

SpayAI developers have experience in many different companies and firms. Trust our experiences and examine the careers. Spay AI's ethical team is working for the cleanest resources and database security, aiming to open the world to new technologies.