Security & privacy

SpayAI attaches importance to your privacy and security, as well as strengthening your data privacy and sincerity in our products. Visit the security portal for more.

By investing in security, SpayAI maintains its efforts to develop artificial general intelligence, which we believe is core to our mission. We are constantly preparing for emerging security threats.

Reporting Security Complaints

SpayAI can shape your invitations and security into data, you can report your requests to the developers through our special addresses or evaluation sections. We continue our services to you as much as we can and design our programs in the best way possible.


SpayAI implements policies in line with the political stances of the ethics committee and the teams it has formed based on the laws of various companies and countries in which it is located.

We apply various importance policies to use no, if necessary, we contact you and request copyrights to benefit from the resources.

SpayAI uses AI data services and engineers, we create our own API networks and programs and adapt them to the algorithms.

After deleting the product, you can contact the developers and request your data and have it reset, click here.

Nuru collects information about your private history or health history, you cannot understand that it has collected this, all information is expected to be accessible within 2 weeks on average. If you want to give your data to it without talking to it, you can fill in your ID from User Profile > Settings > My Data > Health ID and let Nuru do its best for you. you can wait.

Your data is stored on Spay AI servers. The stored data can be given or cleared upon request at any time, but it is never stored.