Safe & Healthy AI Development

Artificial intelligence has the potential to benefit almost every aspect of our lives today; It must therefore be developed responsibly and used consciously.

Safety Decisions

When Spay AI shows ownership of ethical and safety rules, safety is left in the hands of various individuals within the scope of the ethics board, and the board includes common decisions in common safety integrity.

SpayAI Ethics Board

Spay AI prioritizes ethical values in the technologies it develops, writing code that harnesses recycled electricity to generate healthy and individualized energy. We have assembled a dedicated team to create our projects ethically and reliably, aiming to provide safer solutions to the world and humanity. The Spay AI Ethics Board is here to actively support your use of these projects and facilitate smoother operations. For inquiries regarding Ethical Rights and Board Procedures, you can currently reach out to developers; we will soon make this information accessible to everyone.