SpayAI takes care to protect your security and data in the best possible way and archives them. To see the archived information and get information about your data, go to the Control Panel. If you do not have your data, you are not a Nuru user. Make sure you have opened an account. If you have an account and your data is not visible, go to the Developer Portal and search for your items, If your data cannot be found in the developer portal, there may be a security vulnerability, the system will clear the security vulnerability for you, so ask Nuru the following question: "I cannot access the Developer Portal, what should I do?" We will provide an email address to direct you to us. If the email address is not provided, Nuru will send us your IP address, we will try to reach you and forward information about your data. It is possible that the jobs we mentioned do not exist, we just wanted you to read and be informed in order to be suitable for every situation.